In collaboration with
Nadine Kolodziey

After coming across Nadine Kolodziey’s work a little over a year ago we reached out and connected for an interview. The dialogue we had with her about her process made us realize how well she aligned with the idea of Gone Missing. We brought up the thought of doing a collaborative t-shirt and Nadine loved the idea. More than a few months later, and here we are with our very first collaboration.

Nadine sent us an array of artwork and let us mix and match and give a vague example of what we would like, it was somewhat of a collaborative collage. Voila - we have ourselves a t-shirt and could not be more happy with how it turned out. Since the shirt went into the works we’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Nadine on multiple occasions. She currently is visual Artist for Adobe and has been involved in multiple projects in LA.

This collaboration marks another step towards our mission of celebrating creative, passionate individuals. It’s only the beginning of a long road ahead, but thank you for stopping by and your continous support.